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1779 - Born on March 6th in Luxemburg
1802 - Ordination to Priesthood
1815 - Novice in Jesuit Noviciate in Belgium
1819 - Missionary in collemborg - Holland
1822 - Superior of the Jesuits of the Dutch Missionary
1822 - Founded the Society of J.M.J ON July 29th
1857 - Died on Oct 31st in Culemborg


Fr. Mathias Wolff, a great visionary of his times, was born in Luxemburg, in 1779. In 1815 he joined Jesuit Novitiate, when the order was revived. He founded the society of Jesus Mary Joseph in July 1822, which was for him not an aim in itself, but flowed, from his inspiration to liberate the Catholic Church in Netherlands. Contemplation & Prayer formed the foundation of his apostolic attitude. As a Christian & a charismatic, he allowed himself to be led by the Holy Spirit, by the demands of the Gospel & the proclamation of it in his own time, as a service to the people. Thus his spirit proceeds along two lines -"Ascending to God & going out to the people, as can be seen in his own words - We do not exist on earth to surrender ourselves to the pleasures of the senses, not to amass riches or honor or useless knowledge. As humans, we have been created to serve the Lord our God (P.M 1.3).

"Change me into THYSELF, dear Lord that I may live in THEE & for THEE alone. May my happiness on earth consist in fulfilling THY Holy will."


  • To prioritize the Ministry of Evangelization through the Centre of Divyavani.
  • To prepare Catholic Children and youth to be partners in the mission of the Church.
  • To spread the love of Christ to all the people.
  • To revive the faith among Catholics and strengthen their sacramental life.
  • To bring unity among all religions and to live in harmony with everyone.
  • To nurture the people to their full capacity in the sphere of social, moral, economical and faith devotee.
  • To make our life a powerful witness to the Gospel values in order to draw people to Christ.
  • To involve in the activities of the local Church more effectively.
  • The team plans the programs in order to facilitate regular village visits and to assist the families in their faith.

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