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Our venerable & holy founder Rev. Fr. Mathias Wolff S.J Enamored by the person of Jesus, his vision & mission, planted the society of J.M.J in the garden of the church in Holland in the year 1822. The charism, he designed for the sisters, "AN EVER ADAPTABLE APOSTOLIC AVAILABILITY" was indeed his life pattern in order to have a firm solidarity with the world. The charism & spirituality have become the heritage of the society to keep the members, ever renewed with an inner freedom in seeking & doing the will of the Father.

The maxim of our founder "I want to work like a giant" & his mandate to the sisters, namely to have a firm solidarity with the world & to embrace & to reach out to the four corners of the world, with an unconditional pliability, with respect to the never to be predicted, never to be comprehended, no where to be fixed will of God, is the most precious heritage of our society, that keeps the sisters always on the move to meet the demands of the church & the world, to build up God's kingdom, in tune with the signs of the times.

The congregation spread out to the whole of Netherlands under the efficient leadership of different superior Generals. The needs were varied & so was the availability of the congregation & its members. Besides the Education of girls, which was their priority, apostolate like Health care, Geriatrics, & schools for differently abled children, was taken up as& when the need arose.

JMJ society began its work mission in Indonesia in 1898 at the invitation of the provincial of Jesuits & the Bishop Walterus Stall of Indonesia, engaging themselves in different apostolate for the development of the people.

The invitation to start our mission in India came from His Grace Archbishop J. Aalen of Madras of which Andra Pradesh was a part. The superior General Sr. Seraphine Pullens accepted the invitation & prepared the sisters to take up the mission. The seven Dutch Pioneers, Sr. Seraphine Kluchen, Sr. Michaeli Schouten, Sr. Elizabeth Helsloot, Sr. Elsa Van Helm, Sr. Luibini Debets, Sr. Xaverini Gijsman & Sr. Stanislas Terwindt reached GŁnter, A.P, India on February 24, 1904.

The society in India as a province saw a rapid growth in all dimensions. We stepped into states other than Andhra, & Karnataka, namely Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Orissa & Kerala.

As we look at all the blessings received the growth & development, we praise & thank the Lord for all the sisters who worked zealously & selflessly for the growth of JMJ in India & Abroad keeping alive the Charism & Spirit of our Founder Rev. Fr. Mathias Wolff, S.J.


  • To prioritize the Ministry of Evangelization through the Centre of Divyavani.
  • To prepare Catholic Children and youth to be partners in the mission of the Church.
  • To spread the love of Christ to all the people.
  • To revive the faith among Catholics and strengthen their sacramental life.
  • To bring unity among all religions and to live in harmony with everyone.
  • To nurture the people to their full capacity in the sphere of social, moral, economical and faith devotee.
  • To make our life a powerful witness to the Gospel values in order to draw people to Christ.
  • To involve in the activities of the local Church more effectively.
  • The team plans the programs in order to facilitate regular village visits and to assist the families in their faith.

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